Hairdressing Trolleys

Hairdressing Trolley

The hairdressing trolleys by Urbanity represent a stylish and professional storage solution for both the mobile hairdressing professional and student alike. The hairdressing trolley enables you to store all your hairdressing tools and products without the need to carry around separate bags, keeping all your hairdressing supplies safe and secure, preventing spillages and keeping you organised.

For the mobile hairdresser, the Urbanity hairdressing trolley is light weight and will fit into most car boots with its removable parts, making it a professional hairdresser’s best friend.   For hairdressing students, these hairdressing trolleys are unique in their design, available in 6 funky colours/prints, you can get an Urbanity Hairdressing Trolley to match your unique style and stand out from the crowd.

The Urbanity Hairdressing Trolley is an essential part of any Hairdresser’s kit.  With its range of removable, multiple sections and compartments, these Hairdressing Trolleys have been designed with Hairdressing professionals in mind, so there is a place for everything.  For those specialising in other beauty treatments and nail perhaps, the compartments are flexible and you can make your Hairdressing Trolley work for you.