About Urbanity

Quality Beauty Storage for Professionals and Home Users!
Beauty storage solutions is what Urbanity does best, continually improving the quality of our huge range of beauty cases and trolleys through research, design and manufacture.  Urbanity beauty cases and trolleys have been painstakingly crafted from the best quality aluminium for use in the professional beauty industry. The research begins by working with top names in the hair, nail and beauty industry as well as students, beauty professionals and the home user. Urbanity has done extensive market research with these sectors using surveys, questionnaires and focus groups, continually engaging with our customers receiving regular feedback and advice to help improve the Urbanity beauty case and trolley.   

Quality the Key to our Success!
Each of our beauty case and beauty trolley has been painstakingly designed and manufactured using the best quality reinforced aluminium which provide lightweight yet robust beauty storage solutions ideal for the mobile beautician, manicurist or hair stylist. We have continually improved the quality of our beauty case and beauty trolley as we strive to manufacture the perfect beauty storage solution. Such improvements include better quality steel used on the locks, hinges and handle, reinforced screws and pins for the wheels, and handle on the beauty trolley, improving the locking system on the handles of the beauty trolley.

Beauty Cases and Trolleys with Maximum Storage Capacity!
Every beauty box from the Urbanity range has been designed for premium and efficient storage. Here at Urbanity we view storage space precious, our huge range of beauty boxes, cases and trolleys are all intended for maximum storage capacity in the smallest space possible. We have designed our beauty cases and trolleys to maximise the internal space using removable dividers, shelves and draws allowing you to easily transport the largest of hair, nail and beauty collections.  Our nail polish trolley and cases have been designed with unique pockets to hold the largest of nail polish, acetone and shellac bottles, keeping them upright and avoiding spillage. Many of our beauty cases come have elastic holders inside the lids to hold tools such as clippers, cuticle tools, tweezers and nail files. 

Diverse Range of Beauty Boxes, Vanity Cases and Trolleys!
The Urbanity range of beauty cases and trolleys is well-known in the beauty industry, not only for the quality and storage capabilities but also for the wide range of ever increasing funky, chic designs. Here at Urbanity we are proud to offer many colours, designs and textures for each product keeping up to date with current trends and styles. Our popular styles of beauty cases and trolleys include zebra, giraffe and leopard print, we introduced the crocodile and snakeskin range which not only look stunning but also come in textured leather which you can only appreciate if you feel in person. Funky, stylish vanity cases and trolleys for hair, cosmetics and other beauty accessories are just a click away, so don’t miss out on your chance and view our range today.

Come and see us at Professional Beauty Trade Shows!
Urbanity regularly attends beauty trade shows in UK and Ireland as we seek to find the latest innovation. Trade shows allow us to meet with industry professionals to obtain feedback and advice to help us improve our products further. Trade shows also allow professionals in the hair, nail and beauty industry to see our extensive product range in person and talk with our experienced staff, who will advise you which of our beauty case or cosmetic trolley best suits your individual beauty needs. We are well aware of the fast moving pace of the beauty industry, trade shows allow us to keep up-to-date with the latest trends, styles and innovations which influence the next Urbanity range. Why not join our mailing list to be kept up to date with the latest beauty show we will attend, simply enter your email address in the box at the top of the page and we will send you regular updates of new products trade shows.