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Put a spring in your step with our latest range of bright beauty cases!

Spring is finally looking to make an appearance shortly.  Why not brighten up your home or workplace with one of our new makeup cases to put a spring in your step!

There are an additional 10 designs to choose from, including White, Yellow, Black Diamond, Purple Diamond, Blue Diamond, Lime, Neon Blue, Orange, Black Faux Leather and Turquoise.  These are available in the Glamour and Cosmo Cases.

The Glamour Case is the smallest of the Makeup Case range, perfect for use at home, or for professional beauticians who perhaps do eyelash extensions.  The case has one compartment, and comes with a handy detachable mirror.

The Cosmo case is the larger of the two makeup cases, having 9 individual compartments, as well as one large compartment,making it ideal for makeup and beauty professionals, as well as makeup enthusiasts at home.

If you struggle to store your makeup and beauty products, these beauty cases are the perfect choice! With an additional 10 designs to choose from, there’s bound to be a style and colour to suit your interior!   View the full range of makeup and nail polish storage solutions under the products section.

Brand new nail salon tables now available!

We’ve added two different styles of nail salon table to our range of manicure tables for your perusal.  Whether you work in a professional nail salon, or in a room from your own home, these new professional desks will fit the bill.  Both have the flexibility to be moved around your room with their sturdy castors, meaning that they would be ideal even in the smallest of rooms.

These new manicure tables also come with several storage drawers, allowing you to keep all your equipment and supplies to hand whilst your working with your clients.  Both being in white, they will fit into any surrounding interior to create a stylish and professional look that is also hygienic. 

The more compact of the two nail technician desk has 4 drawers that swivel around separately to the desk, meaning that you can choose to sit either side, left or right, of the drawers, making it easier to work with.

The larger nail salon table comes complete with 8 drawers, providing you with ample storage space.  It also comes with an armrest to keep your clients comfortable as well.

If you’d prefer something for mobile use, you could choose one of our foldable, portable manicure tables, available in black or white.  These tables can fit into your car boot, and they come with a black carry case to enable you to transport it easily.



Black Croc is the latest Nail Pro Trolley to add to the collection!

Being the largest nail polish trolleys of the Urbanity range, the new Black Croc Nail Pro Trolley is set to be another best selling product!  With the Black Croc range being one of the most popular designs out of all the cases and trolleys available, the new black croc nail trolley will be no exception.

Holds 40 nail polishes!

With 40 nail polish holders, the new Black Croc Nail Pro Trolley is perfect for professional Mobile Nail Technicians who have a lot of equipment to carry round with them.  It’s also useful for those working in salons, especially where space is minimal, as the black croc nail polish trolley will allow you to store all your supplies and equipment in the one place to save you looking for things whilst you’re working, saving you time and keeping you organised, not to mention keeping your clients happy!

With its handy drawers with smaller compartments in, the black croc nail technician trolley is ideal for storing any nail art supplies, such as stones, glitter pots and stamping tools.

Holds all sizes of nail lamps!

The larger compartments inside the trolley, are designed to hold all sizes of UV and LED nail lamps, and 1 litre acetone bottles in too! There are even smaller sliding compartments designed to keep cotton wool, foils and other accessories in, making the black croc trolley very user friendly.  The only thing you have to do is fill it up!

The Black Croc design is also available in the entire Urbanity range of beauty trolleys and cases to enable you to mix and match your storage systems.

Give a big welcome to the brand new 'Compact Case'!

The brand new Compact Case has arrived at Urbanity!  It’s been designed for a multitude of uses, whether its for beauty or makeup professionals, or simply people at home who need somewhere to store their cosmetics or beauty accessories, anyone will find a use for the new Compact Case.

With 3 separate trays and a deeper compartment at the bottom, the new Compact Case would be ideal for a number of different products, from smaller items such as hair grips and clasps, eye shadows and lipsticks, to larger products such as hair straighteners and brushes, makeup palettes and lotions.  Each of these trays and compartments are completely wipe able, meaning that any spillages that might occur from use can be cleaned up completely, unlike many other makeup cases whereby liquids often seep into the materials.  

The Compact Case really does make the perfect makeup organiser.  With its multipe trays, it enables you to store all your products and accessories without having to rummage around drawers or storage boxes.

With the new Compact Case having trays that pull out, it makes all your products and tools completely visible, so for beauty professionals working with clients, everything would be on display, which would often make for a better experience for your clients, as they could choose their own colours or products etc.  This is particularly true with the case of nail technicians, as your clients often want to view all the nail art accessories you might have, such as flowers, stones and transfers etc. 

For makeup enthusiasts at home, the Compact Case provides a stylish accessory to any bedroom, whether it’s for a child, or an adult.  Available in 4 classic Urbanity colours – Black, Giraffe, Zebra and Leopard, they look both professional and funky.  This case would also make for a great gift for Birthdays and Christmas, as it could be used for multiple tasks.

View the full range of makeup cases, including the new Compact Case to see which one you prefer.

The Portable Manicure Table is now available in Black!

Yes, we have produced the popular White Portable Manicure Table in Black to give our customers more choice.  The new Black Portable Manicure Table is available immediately under ‘Manicure Table’ in the ‘Products’ section of our website.

With the Portable Manicure Table proving to be popular in white, we felt that black would be just as popular, especially with it matching the colour of our black, and black-croc beauty and makeup cases and trolleys, as we understand our customers like to coordinate their beauty storage collections.

The new Black Portable Manicure Table is easily wipe able, and completely foldable and collapsible, making it easy to transport.  It also comes with the same black carry case as the white version, keeping you looking professional whilst you work.  The black colour is versatile and would work in many different colour schemes, whether you’re working from a salon, from a home office, or your clients’ houses.  The new Black Portable Manicure Table would look great with any different coloured accessories, such as pink, and your nail polish collection would stand out on the black background.

Both the Black and the White Portable Manicure Tables come complete with a comfortable armrest for your clients to rest their wrists on while you get on with your job.  They also come with a sturdy drawer for you to store your accessories in whilst you work, helping you to keep organised and professional at all times.  Why not purchase the Black Portable Manicure Table today, to make a stylish addition to your professional manicure equipment?  It will look amazing to work from, alongside one of our stylish nail pro case or trolley range, and would match perfectly with one of our nail art case range as well - happy shopping!

Pink Snakeskin Beauty Case is back due to popular demand!

The Pink Snake Classic Case is now back in stock due to popular demand.  Animal Prints are all over the high street again this summer, so we thought we’d bring back the Pink Snake Classic Case to keep up to speed with this latest trend!

The brighter and bolder, the better!

Animal prints have been popular for a while, and this summer is no different, just that the animal prints we have seen out there on the catwalks and high street seem to be brighter than normal, which makes sense as summer time is all about bright and bold colours.    

You can’t get a much brighter animal print design than that of the Pink Snake Classic Case.  It’s not only bright for summer, but it also allows you to store all your beauty and cosmetic products to keep them clean and safe in the one place.  Whether you are a beauty professional, or a beauty college student, the Pink Snake Classic Case is an affordable and convenient way to store all your products and tools in the one place to keep you organised, and enable you to do your job to the best of your ability.

Stylish and practical...

With its compact, yet practical design, the range of Classic Cases is made from light-weight aluminium, and comes with a detachable handle, making it useful for mobile beauticians, makeup artists and nail technicians alike.  It comes with several compartments, that can be moved to adjust the beauty case to use as you wish.  The Classic Case range is also available in Black Croc, Silver, Purple Croc, Pink Croc, Leopard, Zebra and Giraffe.

New Helping Hands From Urbanity - The New 'Nail Art Case' and 'Makeup Brush Case'

Part of our new launch of products so far this year (and we’re only in February!) has included the new compact ‘Flexi-Trolley’ and the larger ‘Nail Pro Trolley; well, we now have another couple of helping hands for you……

The Brand New Nail Art Case

So many Nail Technicians tell us that they struggle for a safe place to store their glitter pots and other smaller nail art supplies, and they often end up with bits floating around their cases and trolleys.  The Nail Art Case has been designed to fit right inside our range of Beauty Cases and Trolleys, so you can now keep all your messy glitter, gems, jewels, beads, transfers and stamping plates safe in the safe compact box.  Holding up to 24 glitter pots (depending on the size), there is also space about that for nail art discs, and on the opposite side of the case, there are elastic holders to keep your manicure tools separately, again, meaning that they are easy to find when you need them.  All in all, the new Nail Art Case if the perfect compliment to your existing Case or Trolley.

The Makeup Brush Case

Designed especially for Makeup Artists, the brand new ‘Makeup Brush Case’ is so slim, it will fit into our range of Makeup Cases and Trolleys, keeping them clean and organised; you can relax about making sure you have the right tools for the job.  So light you won’t even notice it, the new Makeup Brush Case will not take up much space in your existing Makeup Up Case, and it won’t way it down.

The Usual Designs…..

To keep things simple and consistent, you can purchase both the new Nail Art Cases and Makeup Brush Cases now in your favourite animal prints and colours to match your Cases and Trolleys!

Brand new Portable Manicure Table is the latest new product addition to Urbanity’s range of beauty equipment.

The new Portable Manicure Table is the latest product to be launched at Urbanity.  With its sturdy work surface, compact drawer to keep you organised, and its professional carry case, nail technicians don’t have to worry about this problem any longer.  White in colour, the new Portable Manicure Table will easily fit into any surroundings, and match any of your other equipment, such as you beauty cases and trolleys.  The Portable Manicure Table is foldable, so there’s no tricky dismantling and rebuilding every time it’s used.  It also comes on wheels so is fully mobile and easy to move around in your clients’ homes – even in the smallest of rooms.  The new Portable Manicure Table would also be suitable for use in salons too, with its white finish it would fit into any décor, and could easily create the clinical feel that many salons work towards.

Work and go with the new Portable Manicure Table!
Whether you rent a chair in a salon to do your clients’ nails, or if you’re a mobile Nail Technician, the Portable Manicure Table can work for you.  The full benefit of this brand new product can be reaped especially when doing a ‘bit of both’ – you can carry your Portable Manicure Table to the salon where you work, and then carry it home with you easily with no fuss for the days that you want to work mobile to fit into your lifestyle.  With mobile working becoming so popular these days, it’s essential for any Nail Technician to be fully equipped and prepared.  With the Portable Manicure Table, it’s very easy to do this.

With the upward trend in fashionable nails, now more than ever, more and more people are entering the nail industry and becoming Mobile Nail Technicians.  Nail Technicians are constantly faced with the challenge of storing and transporting all their equipment round with them from appointment to appointment, whilst still looking professional and stylish.  Whilst at Urbanity, we have so far overcome much of these obstacles, we haven’t up until now, came up with a solution to the problem that nail technicians face of actually finding somewhere to work at their clients’ homes, and being able to transport this around with them easily, as well as all their other important equipment. Keep your eye out for more new products coming soon to Urbanity!


The Brand New ‘Nail ProTrolley’ – Perfect for Nail Polish Storage for Professionals!

The latest product available at Urbanity....
The latest brand new product to be launched here at Urbanity is the new nail pro trolley. A take on the successful ‘Nail Pro Case’, this brand new beauty trolley has been designed especially for professional Nail Technicians.  The new Nail Polish Storage Trolley is the largest beauty trolley that we have designed to date, as the growing trend within the nail industry means that Nail Technicians are finding themselves needing more and more products to transport around with them, and the knock on effect of this is that they need more storage space.

Flexible nail polish storage for everyone....
The Nail Pro Trolley comes complete with 40 nail polish holders in the top sections, making it easy for Nail Technicians to get the colour they need easily.  There are a variety of sections and compartments for a host of different products such as nail art supplies, tools and files, and most importantly, the larger section of the Nail Pro Trolley will easily fit LED and UV Lamps.  
For Nail Professionals who specialise in other beauty treatments like eyebrows/lashes, waxing and facials etc., there is plenty of room in the new Nail Pro Trolley for all your other equipment as well; there are 2 drawers with multiple sections if you need to keep your products separate.

One to match the full Urbanity range....
The new Nail Pro Trolley is available in 8 different colours and designs: Pink, Silver, Purple Croc, Pink Croc, Black Croc, Giraffe, Leopard and Zebra – there is one to suit everyone! For customers who have purchased beauty trolleys or cases from us previously, there will be a Nail Pro Trolley to match your original one.  
We look forward to receiving feedback on our new Nail Pro Trolley.

New Compact Beauty Trolley has arrived!

Brand new, just for you...

At Urbanity, we have listened to what our customers want, and what we found was that there seems to be a lack of mobile beauty trolleys on the market that are inexpensive, and that can even be carried and pulled along by those who suffer from back problems.  Our customers have told us that they need a lighter trolley that’s ideal to travel with, and one that doesn’t cost the earth.  We feel that we have met this gap and are proud to introduce the new Flexi Trolley.

A new best seller?!
The Flexi Trolley acquired its name because it is the smallest trolley that we do, meaning it can fit into any car boot, most lockers, and it's perfect for carrying on to a train, a bus or taking away with you for a long weekend.  It's light in weight so this goes without saying its perfect for mobile nail technicians who just need the essentials.  It would also be ideal for beauty college students, with it being cheaper than most trolleys, and easier to carry around, we at Urbanity think this new compact trolley will be a hit!

Compartments for all your beauty storage needs
With its pull out trays, holding several sections for all your beauty knick-knacks, like nail polishes, nail tips, cotton wool, nail art etc., and its main, larger section, the Flexi Trolley provides the ultimate, more compact, beauty storage solution for any budding beauty therapist, hairdresser, or nail technician.  Tried and tested over the festive period, we have already sold out of much of our sample stocks, proving that the new little Flexi Trolley is going to be big!  Buy your Flexi Trolley now and see how user friendly it is for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!