Beauty benefits of Coconut Oil

There has been much written in the press lately about the benefits of using coconut oil to make you look and feel healthier.  Many hair and beauty products on the market use coconut oil as one of the major ingredients in their products, so it makes sense that coconut oil must have something unique.  We thought we’d check out these benefits for ourselves to see if coconut oil really can do some magic in the hair and beauty department.

Here are some of the beauty benefits of using coconut oil:

1.  Using coconut oil as a moisturizer!  Not only does coconut oil make you smell great, but it also really does make your skin feel softer and more hydrated.

2.  Using coconut oil as a hair conditioning treatment again will make your hair smell amazing, but more importantly, if left on for a while before washing, your hair will be smooth and silky – and its much cheaper than all the expensive hair treatments on the market.

3.  Using coconut oil as a hand cream! At this time of year, our hands need a good moisturizer, and coconut oil seems to do the job better than the shop bought ones, and again, it will save you money.

4.    Using coconut oil as an eye makeup remover! By putting a little coconut oil on some cotton wool and removing your eye makeup as you do normally, not only does the job, but it also leaves the skin around your eyes feeling very soft and hydrated.  It also means there is no need to purchase any more expensive eye makeup removers anymore!

5.  Using coconut oil as a massage oil! This is perfect to unwind from a busy day, or to give your partner a treat.  It isn’t expensive, and it also leaves your skin smelling great!

6.  Using coconut oil as a shaving cream!  This is a great tip, as it can be used on sensitive skin, being all-natural.  Again, it will leave your skin smelling amazing, and isn’t expensive!

7.  Using coconut oil as a hair balm! By rubbing a small amount of coconut oil to the ends of your hair, will leave it looking shiny, smooth and professionally styled.

8.  Using coconut oil as a cheekbone highlighter! You would never have thought that coconut oil could be used to substitute makeup, but it really does work! That’s a bit more money saved!

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