Get faking it this summer!

If the weather isn’t good enough here to get a real tan this summer, or if you’re cautious about sun damage on your skin, then take at look at these fake tanning tips so you can still achieve that sun kissed look, even if it snows this summer!  Fake tanning is all about the preparation…

First of all, beauty on the outside starts from within.  To keep your skin healthy, drink lots of water and keep to a sensible balanced diet.  In addition to this, moisturise on a daily basis before you go to bed, or when you come out of the bath or shower, this will keep your skin in the best condition it can before you apply a fake tan.

Secondly, make sure you exfoliate well before you apply fake tan.  If you fail to do this, you will have dead skin cells on the surface, which will create tan patches and this is where many people go wrong when self tanning, which puts many people off using it.

Make sure you moisturise before applying fake tan, paying special attention to areas that may be prone to dry skin like your knees and elbows.  You need to ensure that the moisturiser has soaked in completely before applying the fake tan.

Use latex gloves.  Simple, but so many people fail to do this and you can usually spot straight away when someone has fake tanned just by looking at their hands.  Latex gloves are cheap and there are no excuses not to use them!

Finally, apply your fake tan.  There are many products out there on the market today, make sure you get the right strength of tan for your skin tone.  Wear dark clothes afterwards so you don’t get caught out.  Good luck!

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