Hold on to that Summer holiday feeling for longer!

So the dark nights are drawing in, its getting colder in the mornings going out to work, and the central heating has been switched on, so what can we do to help us keep our summer holiday feeling?

 First of all, invest in some new Autumn outfits.  This will instantly make your feel good about yourself, and there are some gorgeous outfits out there for the season.

Secondly, keep your tan! You’ve spent all that money on a holiday to a warm, sunny place, not just for you to get back home and have it fade away; so keep your tan with plenty of moisturising; the gradual tan moisturisers are great at keeping your tan too.  If you are one of the unlucky people who’s tan fades straight away, then why not get yourself booked into a beauty salon for a spray tan to give you an instant sun kissed look.  Why not store your tanning products in one of our beauty trolleys.

Thirdly, relax! This sounds obvious, but all too often we return from our holiday and go back to work and the children go book to school and we get stuck in a rut and don’t seem to stop and relax once in a while.  Even if its just to take a nice hot bath with your favourite bubble bath in there and read a book for half an hour, it will do you the world of good.

Finally, start looking at holiday brochures for next year’s summer trip!  You may think its too early to start looking, but prices tend to be lower if you get in there earlier, and once your holiday is booked, its something for the whole family to look forward to for next year.