Ways to keep your summer tan!

With Autumn looking like its on its way, we thought we’d explore the best ways to keep your summer tan, to keep you feeling and looking healthier for as long as possible.

The most obvious way to keep that summer glow for as long as possible, is to moisturise.  We should moisturise daily anyway, but for many of us our lives are so busy that we often skip moisturising when we’re rushing around to get ready for work.  By moisturising every morning and night, your tan will stay there for longer; it’s as simple as that. 

There are tricks you can play with various cosmetic products as well.  Firstly, by using highlighters on the bridge of your nose and on your cheek bones can make your skin glow without adding a lot of colour.  You can use highlighters with or without foundation and they provide a natural look.

Bronzers are a great way of adding (or keeping) that summer glow, particularly gel bronzers; these can be used alone, or you can mix them with foundation and they give you more of a subtle hint of colour.  Powder bronzers tend to be heavier and need to only be applied where the sun would naturally hit your face.

Body shimmers are also available, and these help enhance the tan that you already have.  You can apply highlighter so bony areas such as your shoulders and across the bones in your chest to give you that sunkissed look.

You can also do your tan justice by wearing the right colours that suit your skin tone.  For example, if you wear a pale colour, this will automatically make your skin look warmer, especially if you do still have some of your tan left, and use the above makeup tips as well!

If your tan is still fading fast, then maybe you should simply fake it and opt for the variety of fake tans on the market, or even the moisturisers with a hint of tanning agent in them.  These could also help in prolonging your existing tan as they will gradually build up colour, whilst your existing one is fading, and therefore providing a more natural look.

Whatever products you decide to use to help keep your summer tan for longer; make sure you have a great place to store them, such as a cosmetic case or cosmetic trolley - with various sections and compartments, they are perfect for storing everything you need.