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Beauty News

Get equipped for Beauty College!

With nail, hair and beauty courses about to start this year, it’s important to prepare yourself by looking at the beauty storage options available to you.  At Urbanity, we have a number of different cases and trolleys especially designed for hairdressers, nail technicians, and beauty therapists, whether you are a student or a professional.

First of all, you need to think about how you will be travelling to college.  Will you be travelling by bus or train, or driving your own car?  This is very important when thinking about the size of the case or trolley you decide to buy for your kit.  If you are using public transport, you won’t be wanting anything too bulky, and something light weight would be useful, as would perhaps a trolley be, rather than a case, as you will usually need to walk to the bus stop or train station, so a beauty trolley might be more comfortable for you.  

The Urbanity Flexi Trolley has been designed especially for beauty college students – it’s lightweight, more compact than the Classic and Elite Trolleys, and is a budget friendly option.  It has slide out trays containing 6 smaller storage compartments to store all your accessories and smaller items, as well as a larger main section for your larger pieces of equipment and products.  The Flexi Trolley is suitable for all sorts of disciplines, whether you are studying waxing, eyelash tinting, hairdressing or nails, you can use the trolley as you wish.  The Flexi Trolley is available in 7 different colours and designs as well, to make you stand out from the crowd.

If you want something a little bigger, our Classic and Elite Beauty Trolleys are available as well.  These are larger trolleys, obviously designed to hold more equipment as they contain more storage sections and compartments – particularly ideal if you are studying multiple disciplines. 

These trolleys do break down into smaller beauty cases and trolleys as well, and would perhaps be a more ideal longer term option; because they hold more kit, they are possibly more suitable for professional beauticians who are able to carry our a number of treatments.

If it’s a beauty case rather than a trolley you’re after, look no further than Urbanity.  We have a wide range to choose from, whether you want a smaller makeup case, or a larger nail technician case, we have it all.  Take a look through our full range by clicking here.

Black Croc is the latest Nail Pro Trolley to add to the collection!

Being the largest nail polish trolleys of the Urbanity range, the new Black Croc Nail Pro Trolley is set to be another best selling product!  With the Black Croc range being one of the most popular designs out of all the cases and trolleys available, the new black croc nail trolley will be no exception.

Holds 40 nail polishes!

With 40 nail polish holders, the new Black Croc Nail Pro Trolley is perfect for professional Mobile Nail Technicians who have a lot of equipment to carry round with them.  It’s also useful for those working in salons, especially where space is minimal, as the black croc nail polish trolley will allow you to store all your supplies and equipment in the one place to save you looking for things whilst you’re working, saving you time and keeping you organised, not to mention keeping your clients happy!

With its handy drawers with smaller compartments in, the black croc nail technician trolley is ideal for storing any nail art supplies, such as stones, glitter pots and stamping tools.

Holds all sizes of nail lamps!

The larger compartments inside the trolley, are designed to hold all sizes of UV and LED nail lamps, and 1 litre acetone bottles in too! There are even smaller sliding compartments designed to keep cotton wool, foils and other accessories in, making the black croc trolley very user friendly.  The only thing you have to do is fill it up!

The Black Croc design is also available in the entire Urbanity range of beauty trolleys and cases to enable you to mix and match your storage systems.

DIY Manicure

If you’re struggling to justify spending money on visiting a nail salon after your holidays, why not give yourself a manicure at home with these handy tips:

1.    Remove any existing nail polish with a conditioning nail polish remover, ensuring every trace of old polish is removed.

2.    File your nails into the shape of your choice.  This is down to personal preference, but if you tend to have nails that break easily, it may be best to go for a shorter length with rounded corners, as this shape tends to be more robust.

3.    Wash your hands in warm soapy water.  Not only to clean them, but this will also soften your nail cuticles.

4.    Apply a cuticle cream to your cuticles (widely available) and rub this in, then use an orange stick to push your cuticles back gently, ensuring you don’t cut your skin (this can cause infection, and it doesn’t look very nice).

5.    Apply a decent base coat to your nails and allow this to dry according to your product’s instructions.

6.    Choose your favourite colour.  This can be a difficult decision at the moment as there are so many shades and even different textures of polish out there.  Usually most nail polish brands recommend applying at least two coats, but it depends on the colour as well; some lighter ones may need an extra coat.

7.    Apply nail art if you’re feeling creative.  Whether you want to add some glitter to your tips, or gem stones to the bottom of your nails; obviously, if you need stones etc. to stick you would need to do this before your nail polish dries.

8.    Apply a topcoat.  This will seal your polish and secure any nail art to make your manicure last longer.

If you try out these tips, and are looking for somewhere to keep all your nail art goodies and nail polish collections, why not invest in a nail polish case or makeup case to store them in?!  Available online whilst stocks last!

Give a big welcome to the brand new 'Compact Case'!

The brand new Compact Case has arrived at Urbanity!  It’s been designed for a multitude of uses, whether its for beauty or makeup professionals, or simply people at home who need somewhere to store their cosmetics or beauty accessories, anyone will find a use for the new Compact Case.

With 3 separate trays and a deeper compartment at the bottom, the new Compact Case would be ideal for a number of different products, from smaller items such as hair grips and clasps, eye shadows and lipsticks, to larger products such as hair straighteners and brushes, makeup palettes and lotions.  Each of these trays and compartments are completely wipe able, meaning that any spillages that might occur from use can be cleaned up completely, unlike many other makeup cases whereby liquids often seep into the materials.  

The Compact Case really does make the perfect makeup organiser.  With its multipe trays, it enables you to store all your products and accessories without having to rummage around drawers or storage boxes.

With the new Compact Case having trays that pull out, it makes all your products and tools completely visible, so for beauty professionals working with clients, everything would be on display, which would often make for a better experience for your clients, as they could choose their own colours or products etc.  This is particularly true with the case of nail technicians, as your clients often want to view all the nail art accessories you might have, such as flowers, stones and transfers etc. 

For makeup enthusiasts at home, the Compact Case provides a stylish accessory to any bedroom, whether it’s for a child, or an adult.  Available in 4 classic Urbanity colours – Black, Giraffe, Zebra and Leopard, they look both professional and funky.  This case would also make for a great gift for Birthdays and Christmas, as it could be used for multiple tasks.

View the full range of makeup cases, including the new Compact Case to see which one you prefer.

The Portable Manicure Table is now available in Black!

Yes, we have produced the popular White Portable Manicure Table in Black to give our customers more choice.  The new Black Portable Manicure Table is available immediately under ‘Manicure Table’ in the ‘Products’ section of our website.

With the Portable Manicure Table proving to be popular in white, we felt that black would be just as popular, especially with it matching the colour of our black, and black-croc beauty and makeup cases and trolleys, as we understand our customers like to coordinate their beauty storage collections.

The new Black Portable Manicure Table is easily wipe able, and completely foldable and collapsible, making it easy to transport.  It also comes with the same black carry case as the white version, keeping you looking professional whilst you work.  The black colour is versatile and would work in many different colour schemes, whether you’re working from a salon, from a home office, or your clients’ houses.  The new Black Portable Manicure Table would look great with any different coloured accessories, such as pink, and your nail polish collection would stand out on the black background.

Both the Black and the White Portable Manicure Tables come complete with a comfortable armrest for your clients to rest their wrists on while you get on with your job.  They also come with a sturdy drawer for you to store your accessories in whilst you work, helping you to keep organised and professional at all times.  Why not purchase the Black Portable Manicure Table today, to make a stylish addition to your professional manicure equipment?  It will look amazing to work from, alongside one of our stylish nail pro case or trolley range, and would match perfectly with one of our nail art case range as well - happy shopping!

Makeup tips for the summer season!


Summer is here, and we’ve had some decent weather recently in the UK – we hope it continues!  With the weather being kind to us lately, we felt we’d look in to how to get the best from your makeup during the summer – this means, light, quick and easy – especially if you’re off on holiday somewhere warm as well; this will save you having to pack loads of unnecessary products, and will help you get ready quickly for your nights out!

1.    Lighter is better! If there’s one rule to follow this summer, please follow this one.  Don’t cake your face with heavy foundation.  There really is no need for it in summer.  Simply use a concealer if you need to cover dark circles and any spots or blemishes, and then apply a tinted moisturiser all over, preferably containing a factor protection in there as sunscreen slows down the aging process caused by the sun.

2.    Use a waterproof mascara.  There’s nothing worse than being out in the sun all day, and then returning home to find that you have ‘panda eyes’.  A good waterproof mascara will help you with this.  If you’re not a fan of waterproof mascara, trying putting a coat of clear mascara over your regular one, as this will help seal it and stop the panda look.

3.    Use a good bronzer to suit your shade.  There are many different bronzers out there, each depends on your natural skin tone as to which you go for.  If you tan easily in the sunshine, obviously you could get away with a darker one, usually peachy tones suit most skin colours.

4.    Multi-use makeup is useful.  To save space in your suitcase if you’re going away, why not try using makeup that can work as a lipstick and a bronzer for example?  This is an easy way to save money as well buying all different products for different tasks.

5.    Use a lighter lipstick, or even a lip gloss.  You don’t need a heavy deep red or pink lipstick during the summer.  Lip glossescan often be lighter than lipsticks, and with the sheen they tend to go with the sunkissed look.

6.    Go for coppery coloured eyes to complete the sunkissed look.  Use a light eyeshadow and avoid those that streak and clump up when its hot – choose a longer lasting one.  Ones with a cream base tend to be lighter for summer.

To complete your summer makeup collection, view our range of makeup cases and makeup trolleys and store your cosmetics in style!

Give your feet the perfect pedicure for summer!

Summer is here, and its time to get those flip flops out, but first, make sure your feet are nicely pedicured and ready to show off to the world by following our tips below:

1.    Take off any existing nail polish with an acetone remover, and let your feet soak for 10 minutes in a tub of hot water (feel free to add bath oils too).  This will help to soften your feet and cuticles for when you need to remove dead skin, and it will also get rid of any unwanted dirt.

2.    Cut and file your nails using nail clippers and a nail file.  You should cut your nails in a square shape (rounded toe nails promote ingrowing ones) and then file off any sharp edges with the nail file (you should try to file in the same direction to prevent damaging and split nails).

3.    Prepare your cuticles.  This is essential to make your polish last longer.  Using a cuticle stick, push down the cuticles so that they are as far down as possible, and trim any excess skin as required.  Its also useful to rub on a little cuticle oil too for added moisture.

4.    Smooth out the tops of your nails using a buffing pad.  You should pay special attention to the areas you have just cut and filed to ensure they are smooth.

5.    Clean up and soften your skin.  Now it’s time to move onto your actual feet. Use your pumice stone to scrub down the calluses on the heel and ball of your foot. You can scrub pretty roughly in these areas, because the skin is often very thick and dulled to pain. When you’ve removed any dried skin or calluses, you can use a scrubbing brush to clean up your entire foot. Use the brush between your toes and all over the bridge of your foot, adding soap if you’d like a bit of an extra clean.

6.    Dry off, add your base coat, nail polish, and topcoat, (add some nail art if you want to make things a little more interesting for summer!) and voila, you have your perfect pedicure.  Why not purchase a beauty case to store all your pedicure supplies in?


How do you store your makeup and nail polish collections?

Most people we have spoken to say that they have several tiny makeup cases, makeup storage boxes and drawers in their bedrooms where they store their cosmetics and nail polishes etc.  Not surprisingly, they don’t know how big their collection is, and they struggle to find the products they want, when they want them.

Another major problem with being unable to locate your products is that every nail polish or cosmetic item has an expiry date on it.  This should be followed otherwise it can effect the texture, smell and quality of the product.  Has anyone else ever opened up the lid of a nail polish and found that its gone thick and gloopy? Yes, well this means it has ‘gone off’.  This is the main reason why everyone should take care and organise their nail polish collection, and other cosmetics properly, so they can see what they have, and how long they’ve had it.

Our range of nail polish storage cases are perfect for storage your nail polish collection.  With their 32 nail polish holders, as well as space for other cosmetics, toiletries and accessories, it’s the perfect solution to this problem.  It keeps you more organised than your chest of drawers or cardboard storage boxes will, and with 6 funky colours and designs to choose from, there’s bound to be one that will fit right in with your bedroom décor.

If the Nail Pro Case isn’t big enough to hold your large collection, we do a whole range of larger nail trolleys; beauty trolleys and makeup trolleys which we’re sure will do the trick.  They are all available to order on the website, and all available in our signature animal print and metallic designs – you will find one for you!


Top 5 Hair Trends for summer 2014

Since summer is a time to look gorgeous, we have searched around for the top 5 hair styles/trends this summer so you don’t have to!

1.    Messy Plaits – ideal for anyone who has hair long enough to be able to carry out this look, the messy plait can be glossy or matt, long or short, as long as it’s messy, it’s good!  Wear it to work for a quick hair style in the morning, or on the beach on holiday, as it doesn’t matter how hot and sweaty you get, your hair will still be in style!

2.    Hair Accessories – whether you use a hair band, a big bow, hair clips, whatever; hair accessories are back in fashion, and are perfect for all occasions.

3.    Ombre Hair – this is a massive trend for this summer and is preferable done on at least shoulder length hair to achieve the best effect.  Choose sun kissed colours for the best look.

4.    Retro Curls – the 1970s retro look is back this summer, and these frizz-free curls are right on trend.  Done with a side parting, this look is brought up to date.

5.    Slept-in Texture – this look is roughly done, creating soft waves simply by using water and perhaps a leave in conditioner; the idea is to give your hair some texture without making it appear greasy.

Your hair makes your face!

Your hair frames your face, so it's important to choose a style and colour that is right for you.  It can make you look slimmer and more tanned, but like-wise, it can also make you look plumper and paler if you get the style and the colour wrong.  There are many ideas out there online and in magazines, so make sure you ask your stylist which style and colour will suit your face shape and complexion.  

Why not purchase a Hairdressing Case or a Hairdressing Trolley to store all your hair products and accessories in?  Available in a range of different colours and animal print designs, they would make a great addition to any bedroom or bathroom, or even a great gift for someone's birthday during the summer.  


Get faking it this summer!

If the weather isn’t good enough here to get a real tan this summer, or if you’re cautious about sun damage on your skin, then take at look at these fake tanning tips so you can still achieve that sun kissed look, even if it snows this summer!  Fake tanning is all about the preparation…

First of all, beauty on the outside starts from within.  To keep your skin healthy, drink lots of water and keep to a sensible balanced diet.  In addition to this, moisturise on a daily basis before you go to bed, or when you come out of the bath or shower, this will keep your skin in the best condition it can before you apply a fake tan.

Secondly, make sure you exfoliate well before you apply fake tan.  If you fail to do this, you will have dead skin cells on the surface, which will create tan patches and this is where many people go wrong when self tanning, which puts many people off using it.

Make sure you moisturise before applying fake tan, paying special attention to areas that may be prone to dry skin like your knees and elbows.  You need to ensure that the moisturiser has soaked in completely before applying the fake tan.

Use latex gloves.  Simple, but so many people fail to do this and you can usually spot straight away when someone has fake tanned just by looking at their hands.  Latex gloves are cheap and there are no excuses not to use them!

Finally, apply your fake tan.  There are many products out there on the market today, make sure you get the right strength of tan for your skin tone.  Wear dark clothes afterwards so you don’t get caught out.  Good luck!

Why not get yourself one of our beauty cases to store your fake tanning products in?!